Computer System Development Division

Business Outline

This division is responsible for HDD/SSD screening service, HDD/SSD data eraser service and the development on consignment for embedded circuit design and software design. And also, we can cope with the development for Windows & Android applications combined with firmware and flexibly the advanced customers` requests through integrated system with design, production, installation and maintenance.

 ■Challenging System Development

We propose the system that customers are made happy, based on the technology belonging to us fostered by a lot of system constructions that we have been engaged in.

【Technology belonging to us】

  • HDD/SSD related technology
  • Electronic circuit design technology
  • ASIC/FPGA design technology
  • Development for equipment applied microcomputer
  • Development for firmware embedded microcomputer
  • Development for application software for Windows, Android and Web
  • Interface related technology for peripheral devices, such as SATA, SAS, USB and so on
  • Embedded OS related technology for Linux and μITORON
  • Network related technology
  • Field tools

【Examples of Developments】

  • 4/8/32 bit Microcomputer Development Tools
  • HDD/SSD Function Testers (Fiber channel/SCSI/PATA/SATA/SAS/NVMe)
  • Device Testers for Mass Production
  • Rack and Plug-in for HDD Self-tester
  • Web Application for Document Management
  • HDD/SSD Data Erase System

■ Our Services in HDD/SSD Field

We are going to the end of the territory for tools that we offer.
We quickly offer the environment of various types of the latest HDD/SSD interfaces to our customers.

  • HDD/SSD Evaluation Testers: Analysis for HDD/SSD performance and malfunction.
  • Data Eraser Tools: Deleting all data stored in HDD/SSD to prevent data leakage at the recycling, the use for another purpose and the disposal.
  • Copy Tools: Copying the data for back up at the exchange work of HDD/SSD, the installation of software and so on.
  • Field Tools: Testers used in case of the field service at the foothold.

Transportable Data Eraser Machine

HDD/SSD Tester and Analyzer (SAS/FC/NVMe/SCSI Test)

Serial/Parallel ATA Test