Chairman   Tatsuo Oshigane



President    Norio Takakuma


To value and to embrace the spirit of craftmanship.

This is what serves as the foundation of the industries, and also as our philosophy. At one time when the bubble economy was thriving, many manufacturers relocated their business overseas and ventured into different industries, which led numerous manufacturers to lose their foundation in technology. It was then when we strongly felt, “Now is the time to advance and improve our technology”, and emphasized on strengthening the technical fields to our strong and superior fields that we specialized in. We maintain the overwhelming share in thin Magnet wire, besides, we still continue to grow today, both nominally and virtually, as an advanced high-tech manufacturer.

To become a trusted company, to become a highly appraised company

For that, we strongly feel that it is important to foster outstanding individuals who can support our basis of management. In this nature abundant environment of Komoro city, we strive to cultivate the ability and the characters of our employees in an effort to create a working environment emphasizing, “A high-tech company where our employees feel secure”. That is how we view and aim for company to become, and to remain at. The 21st century stands for the era of large revolution, and with our philosophy and policy, we present our theme, namely, “Selected Company 21” and will continue to expand into a global company.


Company Philosophy

To value and to embrace the spirit of craftmanship.
Craftsmanship is the foundation and the basis of the industries.
Without craftsmanship there is no technique, nor there is no development of industries.

Company Policy


  • Trusted enterprise – A trusted company
  • Reliable products/quality/technology – Performance that can be trusted
  • Honesty and integrity – To establish trusted human nature and self-enlightenment


  • Cooperation among our uses and clients
  • Cooperation between labor and management
  • Cooperation with organizations
  • Cooperation with the community


  • To promote and carry out our business plan
  • To fulfill our dreams
  • To establish a corporate culture


  • Harmony between our business operations and the terrestrial environment
  • Adjustment of our workplace environment (safety health, pollution control and so on)
  • Observance of the related laws and consideration for the environment
  • Contribution to society through environment preservation activities with the community

“Do Your Best”  <“2012 Plan” STP Movement in Motion>

We are currently in progress of setting our “Do Your Best” <“2012 Plan” STP Movement>in motion. In our third mid-term plan, “Selected Company 21”, we aim to further strengthen our business and expand our field in magnet wire production, electronic devices, edgewise coil development, and system development. In this new age where change is fast and constant, we have only just begun our journey to pave our way toward becoming a symbolic electronic company.

Speed :  Acoomplish with speed
Think : Think independently without relying on others
Practice : Spring into action

To value, and to embrace the spirit of craftsmanship.

To value, and to embrace the spirit of craftsmanship.