SAN-EI electronics

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy
Legislated: April 1, 2001, Revised: August 1, 2008

We are fully aware of the issues involving the environment and the manufacturing industry.
We believe in “Harmonizing business activities with environmental awareness “through our policies that we have constituted below:

  1. Prioritize the safety of the environment and establish an effective environmental management system adhering to the standards of ISO 14001.
  2. Thoroughly comprehend the environmental effects that our business industry may induce, to act in an environmentally responsible manner, and strive to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  3. We will comply with all legal requirements that apply to the environmental aspects of our operations as well as other requirements to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. We will accurately assess the environmental impact of our business activities, products and services through the incorporation of the following themes:
    1. We will strive to produce products with minimal impact on the environment.
    2. Reduce or possibly eliminate the usage of environmentally hazardous substances.
    3. Conduct proper management of chemical substances and promote recycling and proper usage of resources.
    4. Promote energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction..
    5. Promote planting of various trees and plants to sustain the environment.
    6. To contribute and cooperate to the conservation of nature in our communities.
  5. To properly educate and inform our staff and affiliates in order to successfully implement and maintain our environmental management system.
  6. This policy will be documented and shall be available to the public upon request.