Toward tomorrow over the ridge ・・・
Under the plateaus blessed with its natural undulations, in rich literature and history, we take great pride in being the top market share manufacturer of thin Magnet wire for electronic industry.
And now, we have been developing more and more under the natural ground.
From Komoro, for the future.
With our polishing knowledge and technology, we are going to challenge the future.


With a capital of 1.5 million yen, the head office and factory of San-Ei Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. was established in Mikage-shinden, Komoro City, Nagano. Began the production of Magnet wire and electric parts. Acquired the first factory invitation funding from Komoro City, as well as Nagano prefecture.


With a capital of 24 million yen, the new factory for our head office and diamond dice assy was built in 15 Kashiwagi, Komoro City, Nagano.


With a capital of 32 million yen, the new establishment of electric department was decided in co-operation with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Acquired JIS certification.


San-Ei concluded the technical assistance agreement with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, and also were permitted the specified factory by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Increased 16 million yen, our capital reached 48 million yen.


San-Ei was designated by NEC as a factory of class A rank for Magnet wire.


Capital reached 100 million yen, converting 20 million yen of a convertible bond from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd., just as increasing a capital of 32 million yen.


Started the planning, designing, and production of various kinds of computers and related machinery in capital co-operation with and technical assistance with Japan Minicomputer Systems Co., Ltd.


Opened Tohoku office in Tendo City, Yamagata.


Established Information Systems Division to set up the design, development and mass production system in the high-advanced technology field.


Issued the 2nd convertible bond. Set up the secondary products operation division in Magnet wire Division. Began the production of stepping motors as the secondary operation of Magnet wires.


Converted 100 million yen of convertible bond to our capital and increased our capital to 200 million yen.


Acquired 33,000 square meters of land for factory construction in Hirahara, Komoro.
Acquired UL certification for magnet wires.


Expanding VCM coil business, San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd. was established.


The first stage construction for Hirahara factory was completed. The production system for thin Magnet wire and special Magnet wire was reinforced by the introduction of the latest equipment, automatic production lines and so on.


Acquired ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of Magnet wire.


Acquired ISO 14001 certification for all of our business places.


Started the industrialization and mass production of edgewise coils.
Established San-Ei Magnet Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for the user and keeping the market of Magnet wire.
Built the 2nd factory of San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd with Class 100 cleanroom.


Approved as the project of management reformation support law for the small and medium enterprise in the field of edgewise coil.
Extension of our head office and adjustment of head office structure.


Increased the capital stock of 80 million yen to total 280 million yen to plan the completion of self-capital and the promotion of synthetic business strategy.
Built the 3rd factory of San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd.


Increased the capital stock of 77 million yen to total 357 million yen.


50th anniversary of the foundation of San-Ei.


Completion of the 2nd construction of Hirahara factory to reinforce the expansion of production structure in the field of special thin Magnet wire.


Designed and produced the automatic pet feeding machine “PETLY” at RINN Inc.’s suggestion.
Practiced the joint development of “Concrete Filling Watcher” with Fujita corporation and started the production of this products.
Received the Award of The Governor of Nagano Prefecture as superior company to employ handicapped person in FY2014.


Changed the lighting equipment from Fluorescent light to LED in the factory.


Received the Award of The Governor of Nagano Prefecture as superior company to cooperating for civilian fire fighting forces.


60th anniversary of the foundation of San-Ei.